Effective e-learning and digital solutions

About us

We transform your requirements into tangible deliverables!

We are a team of seasoned and experienced digital experts committed to:

  • Build rich brand experiences for your target audiences
  • Develop a fluid model for content distribution and sharing and e-learning
  • Create new opportunities for customer engagement through partnerships
  • Sustain and enhance social and digital engagement over time

What we do

Achieving what
matters most to you

We strongly believe that there’s no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to e-Learning, Digital Strategy or Social Media. Our digital services are innovative and tailor-made to your customer needs.

Achieving what
matters most to you


What can we help you with today?

e-Learning Strategy

We design winning eLearning strategies centered on the goals specific to your organization and we provide a consistent framework for your stakeholders to achieve long-term or overall learning objectives. We rely strongly on social media as a backchannel to connecting e-learning communities with specific industries and events.

Social Media Activation

Our social experts use a creative approach to bring experiences to our target audiences as well as our target audiences into appealing experiences. In today's digital age, marketers must move beyond the traditional social media approach and create a valuable, customized social media experience that will engage a brand's key constituents and build lasting relationships.

Digital Classroomsy

We work with reputable content creators and selected influencers who bring not just hype, but real measurable value to companies and brands. We facilitate learning and digital engagement by creating collaborative experiences fully immersed in technology, that are able to generate sustainable business gain.

The company's mission is to enable monetization of online social knowledge and provide the expertise required in e-learning projects.
The investment in research and digital innovation, combined with our natural ability to monetize online knowledge are the strategic elements that differentiate us in the mobile market and allow to continuously improve the quality of our technical and digital solutions.

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